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Pain assessment
Uncover past obstacles
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Yonah is an exercise physiologist and a health coach who has been working in the health and wellness industry for over 7 years.


His unique experience allows him to bridge the gap between rehab and strength for his clients. Freeing them from limitations to experience life changing results.


We don't do quick fixes, 8 week challenges etc as most of the time they do not work and leave you in a worse position than when you started. We believe in creating a lifestyle and long lasting change.


It's not just about training and food, it's about you actually becoming the healthy version of yourself and setting up your life to support this so that when you get to your end point you will stay there.

Coaching is all about getting you to your end point in a healthy, safe and sustainable way. What ever obstacles come up we find a way around them or even through them if we have to.

Dr Don's amazing transformation

Dr Don has been working with us for the last 12 months, he has been an absolute pleasure to get to know and to help with his health & well-being journey. 

When Dr Don came to us he was in quite bad shape - in severe pain all over his body, depressed & just wasn't enjoying life like a newly retiree should be.

Fast forward to now, he says he's feeling better than he has in decades! 

Press play to hear his journey.

Dr Don was a General Practioner for over 30 years.


Not only has my overall physical health, strength & mobility improved but so has my mental health & self awareness.

Narelle Thompson

He’s helped me set goals with my work, health, & family & helped me achieve a much healthier mindset. He’s so focused and committed to every one of his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to change their life and get strong and healthy.

Dionne Rosenbaum



Face to Face

Personal training, semi private sessions, individualised training programs, weekly lifestyle coaching & much more. Our face to face coaching service is our premium product.

Online Coaching

From rehab, training programs to weekly phone calls. Online coaching has all the support, accountability & knowledge you need to smash your goals. 

I recommend him highly if you're struggling in pain like I was or want to take your fitness and health to the next level this is your guy!

Harley Turner

Establish actionable health strategies
Uncover past obstacles
Pain assessment

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