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Fixing your 

knee pain:

The solution to fix your knee pain will be individual to you and will change from person to person.
However here are the most common problems I see and the common solutions to these problems:


Problem - Knee arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid)

I don't know how many times I've heard "its just my arthritis in my knees, can't do anything about it". When when there is too much stress through part of a joint for a period of time, "wear and tear" occurs, get the joint working more optimally, alleviate the reason why the "wear and tear" is occurring and you'll be surprised what can happen. Improving your bodies ability to be able to recover and handle stress is huge here too.

Solution - Improve joint function (mobility, strength & stability), Improve various lifestyle related factors


Problem - Medial meniscus tears

The meniscus is layer of connective tissue between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone), when too much force is put on certain areas of the meniscus a tear can occur, the seriousness of the tear does vary, however all are improvable with the right program.

Solution - Improve joint function (mobility, strength & stability)


Problem - Weakness of and lack of muscle mass in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles

If a joint does not have the optimal amount of support around it (muscles not doing their job), then various other connective tissues can cop a lot of extra stress, this can cause issues.

Solution - Have a specific program focussed on building muscle in your weak areas, eat in a calorie surplus

Dr Don's amazing transformation



When Dr Don came to us he was in quite bad shape - in severe pain all over his body, depressed & just wasn't enjoying life like a newly retiree should be.

Fast forward to now, he says he's feeling better than he has in decades! 

Dr Don was a General Practioner for over 30 years.

Watch Don's amazing transformation!


Problem - Patella tendinitis

When a structure has too much stress placed on it for too long and it can not recover adequately from this stress, negative adaptation will occur.

Solution - Allowing recovery / regeneration, do a progressive knee rehab program


Problem - Lack of foot & hip stability / coordination

The knee is built for flexion and extension and does not like to much movement outside of this. The knee is guided by the foot and the hip, if they do not do their job the knee can be put into vulnerable positions, and forces may be placed on the knee in ways that it's not designed for.

Solution - Overload these weaknesses


Problem - IT Band Syndrome

The ITB flows into a muscle called the tensor fascia late at the side of your hip. When the TFL gets tight it puts excess strain through the ITB and can cause lateral knee pain. The TFL becomes overactive when other muscles are not doing their job (glute medius and hip flexors typically), they need to be strengthened and tied into movement patterns.

Solution - Strengthen various hip muscles to take strain off TFL / ITB



Problem - Ligament tears (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL)

Pathological issues such as the ones above are a little more complicated and require very specific action which will be dependent on the individual. Its essential that treatment also addresses the reason why the pathological issue happened in the first place (otherwise its just a bandaid - like pain killer drugs) and will not fix the issue long term.

Solution - Allowing recovery / regeneration, doing a progressive knee rehab program, fixing the reason why the injury happened in the first place


Problem - Patello femoral syndrome or patella instability

The patella should glide centrally through the femoral groove during flexion and extension with minimal friction. When this does not happen irritation and pain can arise. Muscle imbalances, poor knee biomechanics or a poor relationship between the femur and tibia will usually explain why pain is occurring.

Solution - Improve joint function (mobility, strength & stability)


Problem - Tightness / restriction in ankles or hips creating compensation

The knee is guided by the foot and the hip, if either of these lack mobility or proper function this can result in the knee being put into vulnerable positions, and forces being placed on the knee in ways that the knee does not like.

Solution - Improve mobility deficits and tie these into movement


I recommend him highly if you're struggling in pain like I was or want to take your fitness and health to the next level this is your guy!

Harley Turner

Yonah was the perfect fit with a coaching style that is different to most. His focus on proper technique & motivational attitude helped me safely build my strength and become the strongest I had been in my life.

Ashley Freeman



Problem - High stress with associated fatigue & inability to perform optimally

When we are in a state of too much stress for too long our bodies ability to recover and function optimally becomes significantly reduced, too much stress negatively impacts the body in so many ways.

Solution - Implement better stress management strategies, look at lifestyle, learn correct movement 


Problem - Poor movement awareness

When we don't know how to move our bodies optimally or lack the quality and control in the way we move, many issues can arise. We should have awareness throughout our body and practice correct movement / technique regularly.

Solution - Learn to move well, learn correct technique

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