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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Whatever the result is that your looking to achieve whether it be to have a pain free shoulder, be a lighter weight, be stronger and have better performance etc etc. The difference between where you are now and the result you want to have comes down to how you spend your time and the habits you have - consistently!

Two people both wanting to lose weight:

Person A - eats perfectly through the work week, very nutritious and lower energy intake, yet blows out on the weekends and then if we average out their energy intake over the week, the average is not low enough for them to lose any weight, they then complain “why can’t I lose weight”

Person B - takes the approach of not being 100% perfect during the week but being around 80% consistently, they continue this through the weekend, giving themselves a little bit of freedom to eat things they really enjoy but not going overboard, they end up averaging a lower energy intake and therefore get the weight loss results they are after.

Change one habit and keep it up over a long period of time, make it part of you, do this again and again until you have the habits of the person you want to be with the results you want to have.

It’s a simple concept but it’s not easy, choose the hard option that aligns with what you really want make a habit out of it and keep doing that day in day out until it becomes second nature!

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