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How to lose fat and keep it off forever!

In this blog I will share with you the ins and outs of how to lose fat and get lean, along with the key factor that will give you the ability to be able to keep it off and stay leaner for the long term.

Fat loss in itself is actually really simple. You need to consume less energy than your body requires over an extended period of time with consistency… while you are doing this your body will metabolise body fat to accomodate for the extra energy your body requires to function.

Although simple does not mean easy and this is why so many people are overweight and struggle to lose it. You don’t just wake up one morning having gained 20kgs. For most people weight gain is a process that slowly happens over an extended period of time - perhaps years. As their habits around food and lifestyle have slowly moved in a direction that aligns with being overweight.

Do you want to lose fat fast or do you want to lose fat forever?

Quick results seem like the attractive option - sexy sells. The Before and after pictures that you see of people who have achieved an amazing amount of weight-loss in 8 weeks are great… but I'm more interested in the 1 or 2 year after photo as its easy too lose weight for a short period of time but the reality is… more times than not quick results end up being reversed almost as quickly as they were achieved. SO my question is - If you can’t sustain your results… Then really what is the point in achieving them?

If you want quick results that do not last then stop reading now, this blog is not for you. If you want results that will be sustainable - if you want a slower & more consistent transformation that will actually be a transformation for life… Then keep reading.

Weight-loss is the “result” that you get from changing your habits right… Consume less calories + move more and you get weight-loss. I am not saying to go on a crazy restriction diet here, you definitely need to be smart about this and build a healthy relationship with food in the process, learn a few key principles around food etc… Guidance here is definitely beneficial for most people - this can be another topic for another time.

However the reality is that most people already know how to lose weight… Or they at least know a handful of habits that they “should” be doing but they aren’t doing which are keeping them overweight - but they aren’t changing… So what drives your habits?

Unless you work on your belief systems the habits you create & the weight-loss you achieve will not stick around. Beliefs are the underlying drivers of everything in your life as seen in the picture above the flow on effect in how beliefs drive results in a cyclic fashion.

Think about it - If you are overweight take a look at your habits when it come to food and exercise… Pick one habit that you know is keeping you overweight… Then step out of the habit and observe how you are feeling and what you are thinking prior to engaging in that habit… Then take it a step further - What belief is it that is driving you thinking and feeling that way?

Could it be learnt habits from observing your parents during childhood that have now become identity and have just been cycling through your life on autopilot? Could it be habits that you feel you need in your life to make you feel good because the reality is you don't feel very good? Let your mind wonder…

Here’s a little story about me understanding my chocolate addiction… There was a period of my life where I ate so much chocolate, it wasn’t an uncommon experience to buy a block of chocolate at the supermarket and have finished it in the car before I returned home, 2-3 times per week. Reality is this wasn’t the only bad habit I had at this time, there were many others that really were not supportive of having great health. I was carrying extra kilos, my energy was low, my body was achy and I certainly wasn’t excited about my life - for a while there I found normality in feeling this way and just accepted it. There are a lot of society that live this way and just accept it as normal. It wasn’t until I got a mentor that helped me see these patterns and the underlying drivers behind them that I really started to change.

Result - Poor health

Habits - Eating crap food - plus many more

Thoughts / Feeling - Unhappy, Lonely, Disconnected

Beliefs / Self-Image - Low self-worth, Emotionally reactive, People pleaser

When I got to the roots of why I was engaging in these habits it was actually nothing to do with the habits themselves - they were just a symptom of the deeper issues and the work I needed to do on myself.

Changing your habits without changing your belief systems is like trying to hold your arms above your head for many hours, you’ll be able to do it for a while but eventually your arm will start to ache so much that you return it to its comfortable position by your side.

So if you want to lose weight for the long term (or make any long term changes in any area for that matter) obviously you have to change your habits around food and movement but do not forget - it is essential that you also work on your belief systems as without changing these you know what will happen. ;)

If you are ready to work on yourself and improve your body composition, work on your mindset and belief systems plus much much more… Reach out today!

Message me or book in for a free consultation and we can discuss how to make this happen!

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