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Why EVERYONE (Including you) needs a strength & correctional training program!

It makes sense to look after your body right? Bloody oath it should. You spend your whole life living in your body 🤯

Let me start by saying there are many factors that contribute to one’s overall health. One of these is optimising the function of the musculoskeletal system. This means having optimal / pain-free / strong and healthy muscles, joints and movement patterns.

Why is this important for EVERYONE?

When your physical health in of high quality then you will live a more abundant life. This means you can follow your heart wherever it takes you then it comes to engaging in activities that may be physically challenging, rather than having to sit out or be held back. This may mean climbing a mountain to see the view at the top with your family, surfing an awesome wave, playing soccer with the kids etc. The reality is if you’re physically healthy you will have a higher quality of life.

Anyone wanting to optimise their physical health needs a strength & correctional program. Whether you are an athlete, a stay at home mum, an office worker or a tradie… Everyone forms imbalances and weaknesses throughout their body based on how they spend their time. Throughout the week - everyone spends time in different postures, doing different movements / activities (sitting, walking, running, training sports etc).

Depending on your biomechanics, genetic factors, lifestyle, exercise involvement etc - your body will adapt to the stimulus that it is or isn’t given regularly. Imbalances and weaknesses form and over time this can cause dysfunction and pain throughout our bodies.

How do we look after our bodies and achieve OPTIMAL function?

First of all we need to get a really clear picture of exactly where your body is currently at. This means understanding the unique joint function and the biomechanics of your body, assessing your lifestyle and understanding where your weaknesses / imbalances lie. If your not assessing - then your guessing and guess work does not work.

It’s really important to look at this in a holistic way where we look at the root causes of imbalances / dysfunctions and then addressing them properly. Most of the time the issue presenting itself is just the symptom rather than the true root cause. Case by case it can also be really important to look at quite a few other lifestyle factors such as mental / emotional health, stress management, sleep quality, social health, bloodwork etc.

If you want to get a starting picture of where the imbalances may lie within your body - download a free copy of my self-assessment tool here

Once we have a clear picture of what needs attention we can then create a specific plan to address the issues / imbalances that present themselves and begin to move you towards optimal function.

The reality is to be able to create high level performance within your body and to really optimise things / even out all aches, pains and imbalances you need to have a high level of knowledge and understanding in this area. Understanding anatomy, physiology, joint function and movement patters is a start and depending on the level of optimisation you wish to create you may need understanding in a whole bunch of other areas too.

Doing this yourself is something you can absolutely give a go! However the best option is to seek out someone who has this knowledge and understanding already - this guarantees your results and will really speed up the process - removing a lot of trial / error your bound to experience.

Want help in this area?

Message me on Instagram, Facebook or call 0428912060 and we can get you on your way!

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