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How to have your most abundant mindset ever! (it goes deeper than mind)

Your most abundant mindset EVER - thats pretty hectic! Can you imagine what that feels like? Probably not if you’ve never been there before…

Let me explain…

You are no longer influenced by anything from your past (parenting programs, trauma, experiences, social conditioning), the only influence anything from the past has on you is that you are now much wiser and more conscious, you have taken the lessons and adapted your approach to life moving forwards.

You are above your emotions meaning that they do not control you or your actions. You control you. You have healed from any emotional trauma, and you are happy to embrace all emotions, having a great relationship with them all. You have the ability to regulate your emotions and live in a great feeling state consistently throughout all experiences because you understand that the light and the darkness in everything is beautiful.

You have a vision for your life, one that comes from your heart and the highest feeling state that you know. A vision that scares you because it's outside whats comfortable, but it also excites you and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to take action on making your dreams come to life. You know that this vision is a true expression on your core values in their fullest potential.

You have clear focus and intention each day and can live completely in the moment while also having peace of mind in knowing that you're living in alignment with your bigger purpose. You live each day in an energy (it goes deeper than mind) that is pure bliss, its the expression of your soul within your day to day experience.

Can you image that? Have you had a taste before? Is it time to get back to that place?

Let's talk about how you can get there!

The short answer is you find people who are living life this way and you find a way to be around them, to learn from them and get them to guide you on the path there. The quickest way to any destination is to find someone who is already there, someone who knows the ins and outs of the path and then get them to show you the way.

The long answer is…

You commit yourself to a journey in your life that is pure alignment no matter what. You know it’s going to be a process but you commit anyway and you dive head first into “the work”.

The work involves learning about yourself, about your journey in life to this point and truely connecting the dots with everything that has happened in your life. Understanding how your experiences to this point have shaped and altered your view of the world and your identity within it.

You really begin to see that a lot of what you know to be true within your world isn’t necessarily true because of your own discovery but has become true for you because of what you’ve be taught on your journey in life - from your parents (that they potentially learnt from their parents), from the norms of society that have been put onto you, from the various experiences you have had throughout your years and the meaning that you have given to these experiences.

You begin to wonder how much of me is just what I have been taught and how much of me is actually me?

Think back to when you were a baby, a free spirit following your heart, curious about the world and always learning. Your parents started saying “yes” & “no” and moulded you into what they believed was best for you.

But what if what your parents believe is best for you is not actually whats best for you? Parenting should be guiding a child's soul to be fully expressed within in the child’s world (within reason - you're not going to tell your child to run in front of a bus).

However most parents (most people in general) have their own dysfunctional patterns within their lives and when you have a child you pass these patterns down the chain (consciously or unconsciously) therefore a lot of the time children are taught faulty programming in many key areas such as their health (physical, mental & spiritual), beliefs around relationships and career paths etc.

Most of a persons identity forms within the first 20 or so years of their life as their nervous system is developing, they are trying to form an idea of who they are and the role that they play within the world, so you can see parenting (among other factors) will have a huge impact on a child's development.

Although we may not be able to fully escape this conditioning effect, it should not mean that we become disconnected to our soul and live many parts of our lives on auto-pilot. It should not mean that we are controlled by our genetics or conditioned habits and that we are destined to have the same health conditions or the same career pathways that “run in our family” for example.

I am definitely not saying to feel guilty or upset about any of this if you feel this has been you on either end. It's just the reality of what happens, good or bad, it all comes down to perspective.

Understanding how we have been conditioned to be a certain way and doing some self-exploration around this is a very powerful thing. Understanding your patterns and how / when they developed in your life allows you to become conscious of them instead of going on unconsciously, feeling disempowered and wondering why things never change for you.

When you become conscious of something and you fully understand it, it's then that you are in a position of empowerment and can decide which patterns serve you and which patterns don’t. The other cool thing that happens here is that you can choose the patterns that you wish to create within your life, the ones that actually serve your highest potential within this world…

Can you see the abundance that is possible when we truely do this? Crazy right! But having this kind of abundance is only possible when we are willing to take full ownership of our lives and thats a whole lot of responsibility… Are you ready for that? Are you ready to re-parent yourself and step into spiritual adulthood?

I know it can be scary, but I promise you when you fully embrace the journey of doing this it will be the best thing you have ever done in your life.

If you want to go on this journey and not only step into a whole lot more abundance within your life then id absolutely love to help you.

Reach out today and let's chat!

Or checkout my FREE mindset program via this link:

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