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Being clear on who you are and what you stand for:

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

If someone asked you who you are and what principles you live by… Could you clearly answer them and have integrity in what you were saying? Are you clear on what values are important for you to live by? Or is it very unclear what you stand for? Maybe it hasn’t even crossed your mind until now.. For me this has been huge - I always knew I was a good person and I wouldn’t do anything to purposefully hurt anyone, I knew I wanted to do good in this world and my heart came from the right place, but other than that I wasn’t really sure..

Ive spent quite some time getting clear on what I value, how I want my life to be and how I want to show up each day. Honestly I think its an evolving process, a constant journey of self improvement and growing from the person I was last week, yet there are a few key lessons that learnt along the way that Ive really have taken value from when it comes to being the best version of me and I believe these few will stick with me for the rest of my life:

I will always unapologetically be myself - because I'm the best at doing that. I know when I fully accept myself and be 100% me then my life and everything in it is real, it feels aligned and it just feels like its how its meant to be. The journey to self-love and acceptance can be a tough one but its totally worth it when you get there and when everything in your life has been manifested from you being completely yourself. Its a terrible feeling being someone your are not just to impress others or because you think it will allow you to have the life you want.

I will always follow my heart and work towards what I want in my life - this extends from being completely yourself, when you align with what you want things just flow. (refer back to blog posts on this - ) I will never completely sacrifice what I want for someone or something else, I've experienced this before and have seen countless others do this and it never ends well. I place value in my wants / needs and also place value in other peoples wants / needs so would never ask anyone to sacrifice what they want either. I believe in making things a win/win - how can we both get what we want?

I will always be real with myself and others - In the past there has been times where I've found myself avoiding things that were coming up for me (financial issues, health issues, relationship issues) - basically I was pretending everything was ok when it wasn’t, I now focus on being real with myself, I meet myself where I am at in that current moment, accept it and move forward from there. This also applies to how I interact with others - I tell people what I think, in the politest way possible. I feel like this has the potential to bring breakthroughs to both parties (them and myself) - rather than telling someone what they want to hear i tell them what I think they need to hear, this may bring something up for them and it may bring something up for me. My belief is when we are real with each other whatever is meant to happen will happen. I know the people who I value the most in my life are the ones who tell me how it is (even when I don’t want to hear it), these are the ones I experience a real connection with.

I will always be a man of my word - by this I mean if I say I'm going to do something then I will do it. I feel like this is very important not only with your word to others but most importantly with your word to yourself. You know that friend who always pulls the pin on coffee at the last minute? How do you feel about their actions? That friend who is never reliable.. It annoys the hell out of me and after a while I stop putting energy into them. Point being.. do you want to have that kind of relationship with others.. or more importantly with yourself? Say your going to get fit and healthy but then when it comes time to act - “il start next Monday” These are the actions of someone who doesn’t keep their word to themselves. In my opinion your word to yourself is the most important word to keep.

This is still an ever evolving process for me, I keep an open mind, know I have many more lessons to learn and consider myself a student to life! Being clear on what principles are important for you to live by and actually having the integrity to stick to them is an evolving process, it takes consistent effort and like almost anything that is worth while it takes time.

If your ready to begin the journey of becoming the best version of you then lets do it!

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