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Getting your expectation of success to 100%

If you don’t 100% expect that you are going to achieve what your desired outcome is then its very rare that it will happen for you. Yes there are the rare anomalies to this rule, however for most people, if you are truely going for a goal that is way outside your comfort zone, a place you have never been before, if you don’t believe its going to happen then it more than likely won’t. - If you haven’t yet figured out what your wants/goals are then head back to this post and get clear on what you want -

A great analogy of expectation is, everyone wants to win the lottery because it would be friggen awesome having all the money and buying / doing all the cool stuff. The thing is not many people buy a lottery ticket… they know the chances of winning are extremely low and therefore they don’t show up and buy a ticket which is the one thing they had to do to win the lottery. The point here is that I could give you the winning game plan that will get you exactly what you want but if you don’t expect to get what you want then it won’t matter because you won’t show up and do the work just like you didn’t buy the lottery ticket.

So the question is - Can you look yourself in the eye (in the mirror) and 100% say that you are going to get what you want when it comes to your health / life? Or is there a few voices creeping in and telling you otherwise, typically this is where doubt creeps in for people, with everything you know about yourself and how you have been in the past do you really think you can actually get to where you want to be? If you can then why aren’t you there yet? What are the biggest things that will stop you? What are your biggest challenges? Ultimately what comes up for you when you think about your expectation of success is where you will need put some energy.

For a lot of people they just don’t fully believe they can actually get to where they want to be, they may not have the skillset, knowledge or willpower to make it happen, some people just don’t know where to start. This is where a lot of people see huge value in getting a coach, having someone who they know can get them to where they want to be, someone who knows what to do and has the knowledge and experience in getting people to where they want to be, someone you can have in your corner when things get tough to guide you and help you overcome all the obstacles along the way.

The thing is our brains are wired to anticipate outcome, we are constantly forecasting into our future and analysing scenarios of what will happen for us moving forwards. When we think into our future the same part of the brain lights up as when we think into our past, therefore it may not be that we can’t have what we want, it may be that we have never had it before and we don’t know what we don’t know - perhaps its going to be quite different to anything we have done before…

"We don’t act on what we want, we act on what we expect the outcome to be” - Mark Buckley

If you would like to build your expectation to 100% and actually go after what you want and make it a reality for you, lets see if we are a good fit in working together -

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