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How good is it when you jump out of bed fresh in the morning, ready to smash your day after an epic sleep!?

The length and the quality of our sleep is super important, leading sleep researcher Matthew Walker has identified sleep as being such a crucial part of optimal health that he says “sleep deprivation will literally shorted your lifespan”.

Thats enough for me to want to make sure I’m getting regular good quality sleep! Ive had patches in my life where sleep has been pretty average for a few months at a time, and in these periods I noticed lots of negative consequences with my health.

Energy levels were chronically low, my skin was dry, I had big bags under my eyes, I couldn’t focus, struggled to be present in a conversation and was always forgetting things!

Thank god things have improved! Sleep is a constant focus for me now as I realise its importance when it comes to optimal health and living your best life as a human being.

Maybe you're used to having crap sleep quite regularly, followed by a massive crash in the afternoon, and a reliance on coffee to get you through the day?

Start experiencing your day as a better, more energised you!

Try my 10 top sleep tips to improve your sleep Instantly!

1 ) Go to bed at the same time each night, having a schedule that you stick to helps regulate our circadian rhythms, as creatures of habit our bodies love routine.

2 ) Do the most stressful things early in the day, why? Stress produces cortisol - cortisol ruins your sleep! If we peak cortisol in the morning and then minimise stress throughout the day, cortisol should be much lower when it’s time to sleep.

3 ) Give yourself a reason to sleep - exercise or be active everyday, when you’re awake use your energy and when it’s time to sleep use this time to recover.

4 ) Don’t have coffee or stimulants after 12 midday, maybe earlier if you are sensitive. The effects of caffeine can take up to 8 hours to fully wear off, caffeine active in your system will affect your sleep.

5 ) Avoid alcoholic drinks before bed. Alcohol may help you relax but heavy use will rob you of deep REM sleep, keeping you in the lighter stages of sleep.

6 ) Don’t have a huge meal before bed. Eat a few hours before sleep and don’t make it your biggest meal of the day, also reduce fluid intake before bed as you may be up all night urinating.

7 ) Wind down at night. Switch off in the afternoon and allow your body to wind down, process the day and relax a few hours before sleep.

8 ) Limit blue light exposure 2 hours before bed, this could mean dimming your house lights, use rock salt lamps, get off your phone, computer, tv etc. Do a meditation or have a chat with your partner instead. Why? blue light inhibits melatonin production which is a key hormone for achieving optimal deep sleep.

9 ) Make sure your room is dark when you sleep, get blackout curtains, make sure street light isn’t coming in through the gaps, also try to keep the room temperature low as your body temperature drops lower than normal when you sleep.

10 ) Keep the bedroom for sleeping and fun. Other activities should be done outside of the bedroom. Then when you enter your room your body will know it’s time to sleep.

If these don’t work for you or you find it a struggle, but you’d like to get on top of sleep and take your health to a whole new level...

Contact me, let’s troubleshoot what’s going on and get you moving forwards 💪


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