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When life gets hectic its easy to lose sign of whats most important, here’s what to do!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

When there is a lot going on in your life it is inevitable that this will impact on your ability to perform at your best. We know that what we focus on grows… therefore having lots of things to focus on means you can only put a percentage of your focus towards each thing. Compare this to having 1 singular focus that you can give 100% of your energy - obviously you will achieve better results in that area.

Add some stress into the mix (that I know a lot of us experience) such as work/financial stress, relationship stress, lacking a stable home environment, uncertainty for the future, the whole world situation right now etc etc whatever the big drivers are for you. Too much stress in foundational areas that create stability within our lives will make it really hard to live our lives in an abundant way.

The reality is that being in fight or flight mode reduces the neuroplasticity of our brain and nervous system, meaning we default back to basic survival ways of thinking and acting, we become less conscious, can’t think as clearly, forget things, struggle to be present etc, and then the flow on of these onto your lifestyle habits, relationships etc list goes on.

So when you combine these two things - having too many things to focus on plus having excess stress in foundational areas of your life you have a situation that ultimately drops you into your lower mind makes it very easy to lose sight of anything but surviving. Focussing on fixing all of the things going on around you in the external world but pushing to the side the conflict that you notice is beginning to arise in your internal world.

When you get into this way of thinking for an extended period its very easy to form addictions. You feel the need for constant achievement, the need to see constant external measures of progress in your life - because achieving things becomes the only way you know how to feel good. Constantly living in the future and attaching happiness to that future you become disconnected to the present moment and have no way to feel good right now. This is where you seek out things to make you feel good (get a dopamine hit) - to distract you from how you really feel, often disconnecting you further from the inner conflict that you know really needs to be addressed.

If I was to say that the last 6 months of my life have been easy id be lying, the last 6 months have been quite a challenge! Ive absolutely had experiences of all of the above! Its been challenging… yes! Yet its also been so amazing and its a period in time that I wouldn’t change for the world as there have been so many unforgettable memories and lessons too!

The last 6 months has involved so many new & significant experiences:

  • Buying my first house (6 weeks til we can move in!)

  • Getting married to the love of my life!

  • Applying for and getting my wife Australian residency!

Im a very happy man and am so thankful now that the craziness is coming to an end and I can actually think clearly again. I believe for most people in order to create significant change in your life there is an initial period of craziness involved and for me it was in the mist of that craziness that I started to lose who I was.

In the last few months Id been wondering why I wasn’t feeling myself? Why was I looking at so many things in my life in such a negative light? Why was I spending my time playing games on my phone, scrolling social media and avoiding the areas I knew I really needed to step up in?

Although I was aware of this throughout, it wasn’t until now that I can see it very clearly - I was in a position where I had to disconnect from some of my values for a period of time in order to create a better future for myself and my wife and now that this period is over its time to bring absolute focus into living the best life possible right NOW.

Through a period of life like this there are a few things you can focus on that will make it a whole lot easier:

  • Look after your health - Your health is something you can always look after - its a daily choice, through a period of high stress its commonly one of the first things to be thrown out the window. Do not underestimate the power of being healthy and the flow on effect this will have into every other area of your life.

  • Focus on what you can do - In times like this its very easy to just give up on whats important to you and surrender yourself to “fate”. Often we create barriers for ourselves that seem impossible to get past - but there is always something you can do and focussing on this will put you in a more empowered state.

  • Managing your expectations - Know that in a period like this its not the time to be pushing yourself harder and harder and trying to achieve all of your wildest dreams, its a time to reconnect, its a time to slow down and find acceptance in your journey in life and learn to enjoy the ride, learn to truely embrace the moment and find gratitude everyday.

  • Keep the end in mind - Remember that tough times don't last but tough people do. As long as you have a plan that you are sticking to each day that is going to move you forwards you can live in peace knowing things will get easier.

  • Connect with friends and supportive people in your life regularly - having people in your life who understand and can even just give you a few positive words of encouragement through a period of like this is undervalued. Support is so important! If you feel like you don't have that support - find a way to get it!

I hope this helps and can give you some insight into why you may feel the way you feel along with some focusses that will help you move through tough periods of life.

If you want or need support and would like to manage / improve your health even when times are tough, message me today and let's find out how I can help you!

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