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Moving forward from a place of inspiration rather than desperation

This is the 3rd blog of the healing from your past segment, if you haven’t checked out the other 2, I recommend checking them out first as they flow into one another and that’s how you’ll get the best out of this, enjoy!

There are two main motivating energies that we humans experience, they have many names. Inspiration and desperation, light and dark, faith and fear... to name a few. An example of this could be running towards the end of the rainbow to collect all the gold and have the good life you’ve always dreamed of or running for your life away from a lion that’s trying to catch you and eat you for dinner. Which would you rather...

Although I’m laughing now as it has little chance of happening, If I was being chased by a lion I’d be shitting myself! Heart rate would be through the roof, full of Adrenalin, not caring about anything else, literally just running for my life! This is a sympathetic nervous system response (fight or flight) which is essential for us and helps us get out of danger so we can get back to safety when unsafe situations come up for us. Although the lion example is extreme, there are a lot of people are living in a less extreme version of this state all the time. I certainly was, always avoiding my pains/problems etc, only being motivated once things got bad, living in a cycle of bad to “ok” and never really thriving in any area of my life. Which eventually I realised that living life this way is not a healthy way to be long-term.

Truely healing from your past and the worries and insecurities that come up, plus having a problem solving mindset moving forward is a very powerful thing. We have all experienced being really happy and having a great day, week or month, but i feel like getting to this place of emotional freedom is the next level, it’s a feeling of being completely open and free to live life how you choose - true freedom, it allows you to now move forward in life purely from wanting better for yourself and for those around you, rather than being in a needy desperate state.

Now is where you can get even clearer on what you want from the right energy, and start moving towards it not because you need to but because you want to. Your happy in life right where you are now, life is great, you’ve had lots of experiences that have shaped you and helped you grow and helped you become the person you are today, how wonderful is that! But as humans we are naturally wired to want more, to want to constantly improve and better ourselves and our lives, do new things, have goals.

Everyone deserves to reach this place because when you become the best version of yourself it benefits everything, your family, your relationships, your health, your work/finances.

Exciting times ahead! - Of course if you feel like you need or want help on this journey then reach out, let’s have a chat.

Let’s do it 💪

Email - or Phone - 0428912060

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