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Showing up as the person you want to be each day:

Being clear on what you want, the values you want to align with and the way you want your life to be is massive, however being really clear on this and actually making it your reality are two different things. I know for me actually showing up and being this guy has been very challenging at times, its meant going against the norm and doing things differently, especially when it came to how my life was/has been, its meant really understanding my story and not letting it limit me.

With any type of change/growth in life there will be challenge, hardship and a lot of times feeling uncomfortable. There will be times when it feels wrong, especially if what you want or who you are becoming is quite far from what you have or who you have been. The longer you have been where you are / who you are the harder it will be and the more wrong it will feel. Although parts of this process will feel wrong, it's a good kind of wrong, more of an uncomfortable feeling like you know its the right thing but its just so far from how things have been (way outside the comfort zone). If you push the voices and stories to the side and it feels aligned then id say it's probably the right path for you, but that’s your choice to make, not mine!

In saying that… The first step is actually having the courage to make a choice and deciding that this is how things are going to be from now, that you're actually going go “all in”, follow your inner desire and commit to the process of making it happen no matter what. This is quite often a really hard choice to make because when it comes to this part we realise that our current self, our relationships and the environment we are currently in are all setup to support us being the way we are right now. Changing ourself and setting these areas up to support us being the person we really want to be can sometimes be simple but it certainly won’t be easy. If you was going to climb Mt Everest you wouldn’t take a half assed approach and this is the same… you have to be all in!

The next part is aligning your habits with how you want things to be and showing up as this version of yourself everyday, even when it feels wrong, you have to trust the process, accept that its going to be hard, going to feel wrong sometimes, your going too have struggles, you’ll “fall off the horse” so to speak, but knowing when this happens you’ll jump back on track and keep going. Having a coach here really helps, the biggest reason I see people not getting the things they want is they don’t have the right level of support to get there, having a coach in your corner when things get tough to help lift you back up, to help troubleshoot all the stuff that comes up along the way and help you get your expectation on success to 100% is more important than we realise. I have had quite a few coaches, back in sport, with my health, with business. I continue to have coaches - great investment! If you haven’t already then checkout the blog on expectation (

Some people just get it - they can see the vision and when they have the right plan placed in-front of them they will show up, do the work and make it happen. Other people can’t fully see it yet, it doesn’t quite seem possible for them yet - they too need the right plan in-front of them, then they need to start having little wins, build them into bigger wins, keep building momentum to a point where they get so much momentum that they become unstoppable as their belief of success gets sky high! This is a process and certainly takes time and effort. Regardless the process involves having a plan and showing up and executing the plan even when it feels wrong, keep going, enjoy the process, try to have fun with it - eventually you get to this place where it start to feel right.

You notice a shift - where things really start to align with the way you have been showing up in the world. The people you connect with are the right people for you, they “just get you” - and the goals etc really are coming together. Ive noticed this big time with my business however this is relevant to anything - if you want to be healthier, you get really clear on what that looks like for you and what needs to be done, commit fully to the process and then start showing up as the healthy person you want to be, you push through the adversity of things feeling uncomfortable or wrong - and eventually it feels right, things align and it really comes together.

Want help with the process - any questions - reach out!

Email - or Phone - 0428912060

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